Time For An Update

We know it's been a while since we've written anything on here and that some of you may be miffed about that. You might even share the same look as Baby Cece - the look of someone who had to wait a long time for an update on this blog.  

We can only offer up two excuses for the long lag:

(1) It got really cold so we went into hibernation mode:

View from our apartment into our apartment courtyard. One of many snow days that we had. 

(2) We got really busy with all the planning for our impending nuptials:

Sneak peek of our wedding guest book. Stay tuned for a wedding recap!

Here are some highlights on what's happened in our lives during the 4 months we were offline:

Cannie came to visit us in New Haven and we spent Christmas together watching Harry Potter and Singles Inferno. Cannie also kindly performed operation on Levi, who was starting to split at the seams due to Jen constantly using him as a pillow.
Here, Dex found the operation interesting and wanted to brush up on his suturing skills. 
As winter swept the streets of New Haven, we stayed inside our apartment and focused on household tasks. But even household chores can get exciting. Here, our dryer decided to eat Dex's sweatpants. It took us quite a while to wrestle this garment from the dryer. Dex was not happy.
Of course, we still kept on top of our 49ers football watching. We discovered Georgie - pictured here - was a good luck charm. Every time we watched a game with him, the 49ers would somehow win (though Georgia ended up losing his good luck powers by the time the NFC championships came along).

Though we stopped our east coast traveling, we still ventured back to the west coast in January to make up for missing the holidays with our family. First up, we went to LA:

Jen got to enjoy her mother's cooking and some good Chinese/Vietnamese food, something she's always missing in Connecticut.
Dex began his lessons from Mama Ta on how to make her famous egg rolls. 
Here is Dex eager to learn the ways of the rolling...
Dex was very proud of his first egg roll, though Mama Ta told him to not get a big head just yet. He still has a long way to go before he perfects it. 
Dex got his first pedicure since Johnny (who is sitting right next to him) talked it up. Dex was not into it.
Jen got to try out a hot pot place she really wanted to eat at all because the broth was packaged in a cute teddy bear form. 
We say goodbye to Papa Ta and Mama Ta!

After a week in LA, we made our way to NorCal where:

We spent time with the Louie family, recreating Christmas and opening gifts. Papa Louie got a Yale mug to add to his collection!
We spent the night getting warm and watching some movies.
We also made a trip as a family to visit Spencer in SF where he cooked us a delicious meal that we all loved.
Outside of family time, we got to see friends and spend some quality time together like with Jeff and Qianran who fed us some yummy hot pot.
And Jen finally got to meet Baby Cece, who is just TOO CUTE.
We even got Baby Cece to meet Georgie and watch football with us. Jen tried to teach her about the beauty of Jimmy G. Baby Cece doesn't quite get it yet...

Though we had such a fun time being back home, we soon returned to New Haven where we quickly got reacquainted with the cold:

After just a couple of hours, we came out to find our windshield covered with ice and Dex had to bust out his ice pick to get the job done.

And just like that, 4 months flew by!

Jennifer Ta

Jennifer Ta