Hello Harvard

In September, Dexter and I set off on our next adventure to Boston. This was a long-awaited trip for me ever since Dexter and I met. Boston always held a special place for Dexter and many of his close friends are still there. I wanted to finally see Harvard and imagine how life was like for him when he was an undergrad.

On our first night, we met up with Dexter's friends Gary and Grace and ate at a hot pot place in Chinatown. This was a treat for me as I love hot pot and have been craving Asian food for a while. We ended our night having some boba before saying bye to Gary and Grace.

The next morning, Dex and I walked around Harvard and I got to see some of the main parts of campus:

Appleton Chapel
Widener Library
Here is Kirkland, the college that Dexter was apart of. We lucked out and got to enter the main courtyard.
Dex then took me to the gate that he says was named after him.
Got to see the Charles River where Dex often spent his undergrad mornings practicing with his crew team.

Dex also took me into Harvard Square and we walked around, checking out the student life and shops. Compared to New Haven, I much prefer Harvard Square, which seemed to have more life and energy. I also found myself liking the food and store offerings better than what's in New Haven.

We grabbed a coffee and pistachio donut at a popular cafe that's all the rage in Boston called Tatte (recommended by my friend Nicole). We would encounter about 8 of these cafes throughout our trip and even went to another one to meet up with more friends.
Found some instagram spots to take pictures in front of. 
I may or may not have gotten bit by the Harvard bug and started making college plans for the next generation.

Once we got our fill of Harvard, Dex took me around Boston itself. I opted for a low-key tour rather than a historical one, so Dexter took to see his former taekwondo gym in Central Square where we popped our heads in. Unfortunately, Dex didn't recognize anyone so we quickly left and ventured off to see the Boston Common and gardens.

There were lovely willow trees throughout the gardens.

After resting there for a bit and watching a few newlyweds take their wedding pictures, we then made our way back to downtown, walking through the streets, stopping to do some shopping, and then checking out some hip hop dancers filming a video on the sidewalk. We wound up in Little Italy and checked out the touristy pub area. I was tempted to try Mike Cannoli's, a popular cannoli spot but the line was insane. We went back to Chinatown instead and grabbed some pho for dinner before making our way back to our hotel, where we settled in for the night watching the Departed so we could hear some Boston accents since we didn't hear any in person that day.

Here's me, tired from all our walking and ravenously hungry.

On Sunday, we got some Mike Cannoli's early in the morning at Harvard Square to grab some cannolis for friends, which allowed us to avoid the ridiculous line. I tried one for breakfast. Verdict: They were okay. I realized I'm not much of a Cannoli person and was really glad I didn't stand in line for these.

We ventured out to Tatte (again!) in Brookline and had brunch with friends (and former Mountain Viewers) Lahiru and Amrapali.

Then we took the train to go into the wild suburbs of Newton/Watertown to visit Dexter's former roommates and friends from his taekwondo days. Over dessert and drinks, we got to hear all about their wild party days when they lived together and Dex got some much needed catch-up time with old friends.

With our train time fast approaching, we made sure to take one last picture for the road before we were kindly dropped off at the train station.

The crew: Ashley, Chris, baby NOAH!, Joy, Holger

Though we were exhausted, we had such fun over the weekend and we're definitely planning on making a couple more trips back to Boston. While it seemed like we crammed in a bunch of things, we didn't get a chance to see everyone Dex wanted to see and there's still plenty to explore in Boston. We'll be back, Bahston!

Jennifer Ta

Jennifer Ta