Autumn in Connecticut

Winter is coming...but fall is here!

The fall is a special time: the leaves are falling, it's no longer sticky-hot, and it's not quite bitter-cold. There's pumpkin pie, apple pie, and two great holidays to look forward to. We started pulling out the beanies, gloves, and battery-heated electric clothing (Jen). California is amazing, but one thing it doesn't have is that true autumnal feel. This post is a goulash of different memories from this fall.

Litchfield, CT

The mighty Green mountains of Vermont turn into the Berkshires in Massachusetts, and then trundle southward to become the Litchfield Hills in Connecticut. Litchfield is a beautiful little rural-ish town, and a great place to take in the scenery. We headed to the White Memorial Conservation Center, where we got to wade through a carpet of fallen leaves, stroll through forests dappled with red and yellow, and contemplate life while lakeside.

While in the Litchfield area, we also stopped by the farms of Arethusa, our favorite dairy/creamery in New Haven. We wanted to see the happy cows, but apparently they were on vacation (I guess that's how you keep 'em happy). Of course, afterward we had to enjoy their products so we indulged in some lunch and ice cream at the Arethusa-owned restaurants nearby.

Back in New Haven...

Dex jogged to the top of East Rock for this beautiful fall view...

Jen spotted some impressive street art...

Jen: "haha it's like he's kissing you"

And Dex got to sit up up against the glass at a Yale women's hockey game. This inspired him to start ice skating lessons, which began a few weeks ago. Update: still slipping around like a baby deer, but falling less!

"Goooo Ya–... ah, I can't bring myself to say it"

For Halloween, we got to spend the holiday in NYC with Dex's good friends and ex-roommates, Ken and Alex. We didn't dress up, but we definitely felt old walking by a blocks-long line of teens/20-somethings all in costume, waiting for a Harry Styles concert (Jen: "who's that again?").

We also encountered a live re-enactment of the ddakji game from "Squid Game," and went to a Korean restaurant where, of course, the entire staff were dressed in "Squid Game" blue jumpsuits. It was like we went back to 2012 and Gangnam Style was the rage all over again.

Last but not least...

We attended the Harvard-Yale Football Game, which was here in New Haven. Dex had to endure sitting in the Yale section, quietly cheering while everyone else around him was cursing. Jen had to endure the frigid cold. Dex remembered what it was like to drink Bud Light (not great). The game was a close one, and with two minutes left to go, it looked like Harvard was headed for defeat as Yale had the ball and was moving it with impunity. However, Harvard hung on, got the ball back, and scored in less than 30 seconds for a comeback win. Final score: Harvard 34, Yale 31. The best part matter what the outcome, Dex's team won ;)

Ok that's a lie, Dex was definitely rooting for Harvard. Go Crimson!

That was our fall! Time for Thanksgiving, and then the best part of the year: Christmas song time :)

Random pic of the day:

Jen really wanted to snap this photo...

Dexter Louie

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